Busselton Jetty OC6 Regatta 

Saturday, 14 March 2020

A huge day of outrigger canoe racing was held in near perfect conditions on the pristine waters of Geographe Bay.  Clubs attending, Fremantle, Hurricanes, Kwillana, Perth, Mandurah, Rockingham, Wavemasters, Westcoast and Geographe, all competed for the coveted Jetty Challenge trophy with racing in the women’s 8km and men’s 10km marathons and the mixed 6km race.  Overall winners on the day were the Rockingham Outrigger Canoe Club for the second year in a row. Kwillana finished in 2nd place with our very own club, Geographe finishing in 3rd place. 

Club junior U16’s also raced the 6km course with Geographe taking out the win followed by Rockingham in 2nd and Kwillana in 3rd place.

The highlight of the event was the Mixed OC6 event which boasted a record number of 18 entries! The hugest race in the history of WAZA competition! The start line was spectacular as everyone squeezed to find their spot and line out to the first marker behind the lead boat. Our very own Geographe mixed team made us all extremely proud and took out the honours in winning first place.

A great end to the day is the TMC Water Recycling Da$h for Ca$h.  The crews are made up of a mix of paddlers from all clubs.  All boats had an individual beach start in a timed 500m sprint to the finish line. Paddlers of the winning boat had to wait in anticipation until the results were revealed at the presentations. This is always a fun way to finish off a great day of competitive racing with all clubs combining and enjoying the fun together. 

Presentations were held at the GBYC with major prizes donated from Happs Winery and Carlton United Brewing and the renowned Geo Salad Bar was incredible once again.  Thanks to all of our great sponsors without whom our club would not have the amazing prizes and support!

We feel very lucky and humble to have hosted such a huge event right on the cusp of Covid-19 regulations coming into play. The support from all our neighbouring clubs was amazing and of course we couldn't have held such an amazing day without the help of our very own Geographe Outrigger members and families.

Final Results - 2020 Jetty Challenge Regatta

1st - Jetty Challenge Club Winners - Rockingham OCC 

2nd Kwillana

3rd  Geographe

4th  Mandurah 

5th  Wavemasters

Race 1 - Women's 8km Marathon

1st    Perth                       49.05

2nd   Rockingham           50.35

3rd    Kwillana (1)            51.10

4th    Kwillana (2)            51.46

5th    Wavemasters         52.08

6th    Westcoast               52,24

7th    Hurricanes              52.57

8th    Geographe (1)         54.36

9th    Mandurah               55.03

10th  Geographe (2)        57.20

Race 2 - Men's 10km Marathon

1st    Mandurah                48.17

2nd   Rockingham (1)      48.56

3rd    Wavemasters         49.00

4th    Kwillana                  49.30

5th    Geographe (1)         49.43

6th    Perth                        54.23

7th    Hurricanes              54.56

8th    Geographe (2)         55.15

9th    Westcoast               56.05

10th  Rockingham (2)      57.24

Race 3 - Juniors 6km 

1st    Geographe              39.40

2nd   Rockingham           39.53

3rd    Kwillana                 48.29

Race 4 - Mixed 6km

1st    Geographe (1)        33.21

2nd   Rockingham (1)     33.59

3rd   Westcoast               34.08

4th   Wavemasters (1)    34.16

5th   Mandurah (1)          34.49

6th   Mandurah (2)          34.51

7th   Kwillana (1)             35.05

8th   Rockingham (2)      35.33

9th   Perth (1)                  35.34

10th Kwillana (2)            35.48

11th Hurricanes (1)        35.52

12th Kwillana (3)            35.55

13th Wavemaster (2)     36.35

14th Perth (2)                 37.29

15th Rockingham (3)     37.34

16th Hurricanes (2)       38.26

17th Geographe (2)        39.46

18th Geographe (3)        41.01

Geographe winners of the Mixed OC6

winners of the day


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